Game over - Bulls have won three in three!

John Mitchell couldn't have asked for more from his side after a tough tour Down Under.

They've seen off local rivals in the Stormers and the Sharks and now they've bossed the Melbourne Rebels at Loftus.

Very well done indeed. Strauss and Pollard excellent.

And the newbie nearly adds the gloss

77' Manie Libbok bursts through the centre and scores unopposed but there's an obstruction in the build up, revealed by the TMO sticking his oar in.

Adriaan Strauss is named Man of The Match

76' And receives a massive kiss from RG Snyman on the bench. Lovely.

Pollard adds the extras

76' He's had a thoroughly decent game, kicking 'n all.

The Rebels had held out for several phases of that lengthy advantage there. Absolutely knackered by the time Warner tapped. The Highveld strikes again.

That'll do the trick

73' It's Andre Warner who takes the quick tap penalty and drives over the line himself with the Rebels out on their feet.

Game over right there.

But why not kick for the corner anyway?

71' Odd choice with two scores needed and time running out. Silly buggers.

Should have been three points closer

68' Rebels penalty for a high tackle, 40 metres out but in front of the sticks.

Reece Hodge slots it dead straight.... but it falls short! That's not in the Highveld script.

Still 11 points in it

63' And it has descended into something of a scrap. Subs on, all a bit untidy.

Still, Mitch' Army retain their handy, two-score advantage. For now...

The Australians are restless

You wouldn't catch an Australian being corrupt in international sport. Anywhere. At all. Definitely.

Er, but not that one

57' Odendaal is forced back in the tackle this time, with Koroibete not remotely concerned by the lack of a ball in the vicinity.

He's spared any further attention by the penalty call coming for an earlier high shot.