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On the Podium

1. Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

2. Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes

3. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes

Race overshadowed by pit accident

Kimi Raikkonen was involved in a shocking pit-lane incident, driving into one of his own mechanics. You can see the video here:

Bahrain F1: Horror accident as Raikkonen runs over his own mechanic [video]


Incredible. That's the race. Bottas' last-ditch attempt to sneak past the German hasn't worked. In his 200th Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel is a winner. Hamilton third, and well done Pierre Gasly - an incredible fourth place finish for him and Toro Rosso.


1. Vettel

2. Bottas

Barely a car-length between them. Nails are being chewed all across the world...

Knock, Knock...

Three laps left. Less than a second between Vettel and Bottas now. Wow...

Can Bottas nick pole?

In the last lap, Bottas has shaved 0.8 seconds off the distance between him and Vettel. Just five left to go. The gap is down to just 2.8 seconds. It can be done...

Vettel, Bottas, Hamilton... Gasly?

Vettel is still leading with five laps left. Bottas is breathing down his neck in second, cutting the lead down to 3.6 seconds. Hamilton is maintaining third. And Pierre Gasly is STILL on for fourth, and Toro Rosso's best ever finish in their Honda era. Go on!


Vettel and Bottas - the top two - are likely to pit again soon. Lewis Hamilton is in third and seems to be trying to complete this race after just one stop.

It's going to be an incredible finish in Bahrain. Hold on to your hats. Or, if you're watching indoors, take them off. It's quite rude if we're being honest.

Underdogs making their mark

Not only is Pierre Gasly in fourth: But do you remember us saying Marcus Ericsson was a 5,000/1 shot to win this race in his Sauber? Remember when we said it was "worth a rand" to bet on him? He's in sixth right now.

We don't say these things for comic effect, you know... You've probably guessed that by now, though.