That's all we came to see

We're going to love you and leave you now. If you want to know who is in action tomorrow... check this out.. bye now.

Here we go. South Africa walks out and Semenya is slaying all the slays and carrying the flag. 
Parade of Nations!

It's on... but it's alphabetical.. so we're going to wait a while for South Africa to appear.

Some dignitaries and talking...

We're only here to see Semenya carry the flag TBH. 

The performers...

Christine Anu was the singiner. Mau Power from Thursday Island was doing the rapping. and William Barton was playing the didgeridoo.

Some idea of the visuals
Oh burn...
Some CGI going on...

A white whale appears... and now we're looking at some pre-recorded footage again. It's a sunrise! Yay.

But where's the dancing, though?

Oh, here it comes, The earth is now evolving to split into continents and there is a group of women doing wavy moves to show how the eath has started to expand.

It's all very soothing

There are lots of pretty lights going on... and the ball has morphed to show us the "giant landmass" that occupied earth milions of years ago.