FULL-TIME: JAGUARES 49-35 LIONS. A disappointing end for the Lions, but it was an exciting game with the Jaguares maintaining a good lead throughout the second half to win at home. The Lions tried to catch up to the hosts but they ran out of time in the end. Jaguares win by 14 points in Buenos Aires.


Jantjies kicks the ball out for a lineout. They are searching for a try here, but Mapoe spills the ball and Jaguares turn it over. A penalty won by the hosts and they take it quickly and run with the ball.


The penalty from the scrum is taken quickly and the Lions pass the ball on the right. Another handling error from the Lions and the Jaguares will have a scrum here.


The scrum is reset, the hosts won't have a problem with this as the clock runs out.


The Lions have just three minutes left and they have a scrum. It will be difficult for them to win from here. The referee having a few words with the players before the scrum.


PENALTY, JAGUARES, SANCHEZ! 49-35: Sanchez calms his players down and goes for goal. A well-judged kick and the Lions will have to score more than two converted tries to win this. Just over five minutes remain in the game.


The Lions are caught offside and the Jaguares have a penalty. Sanchez will look to kick this for three points.


CONVERSION, JAGUARES, SANCHEZ! 46-35: Sanchez makes no mistake with the easy conversion and the Jaguares push their lead back up to 11 points in this see-saw game.


TRY, JAGUARES, ORTEGA DESIO! 44-35: Jaguares build well and then Sanchez passes the ball perfectly to Ortega Desio who runs through the space in front of him to go all the way and score


We are in the final 10 minutes and the Jaguares lead by 4 points. This could be a close game as the hosts look to attack more. Lions keep them in check.