Live Center Demo Implementation Examples


Live Center JavaScript client library (NcPosts) is made modular and flexible, allowing you to use the features you need, and take full control of the rendering when you need it.
Live Center also provides Iframes and AMP enabled iframe for simpler implementation options.

Streaming data, extended rendering, server side rendering, and convinience functions

This example uses the NcPost.start convenience method that takes care of the setup code for common scenarios.
For most projects this is the preferred approach for including live feeds on your pages, but in cases you need more control of the rendering you can go down a level or two.

Setup script


Demo feed output

Top winter olympic countries in the nordics

Live Center allows you to create and add your own   charts directly in the editor by clicking "Add Media"  and then selecting two of the chart options (more charts available in full subscription version)

Charts are interactive and updates in real-time for readers which provides the very best user experience.

Number of  Winter Olympic medals by country

Post with comments from readers

Live Center supports collecting comments from readers which journalists then can reply to.

You can easily moderate pending comments, add replies, and toggle comments on and off directly in the editor.

This feature can also be used to facilitate a "discussion" between journalists on a post or the post's topic.

Example high priority post

This is a post about a critical and important event such as a stock that is tanking, an terror attack, election result conclusion ,etc.

These types of posts can be pinned and highlighted to the top of a feed and/or given a high priority to be included in a Top News summaries (follow link to see an example)

New overview available through Live Center which uses tags and importance levels to provide readers with an automatic news digest

Twitter post

It is easy to add one or more inline tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, etc. Any added social media object remains "live" meaning any likes, shares, etc. will be reflected in the post show in the feed.

Birch-Jensen Scores!